Resolution 16-01 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 16-02 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

Resolution 16-03  MFT (Funds)

Resolution 16-04 Funding Support for 2016 ITEP Program Grant Project

Resolution 16-05 Amendment to Agreement between IDOT and City of Newton

Resolution 16-06 Regarding Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, letter of credit

Resolution 16-07 Road Closures for Fall Festival Parade

Resolution 16-08 Road Closures for Homecoming Parade

Resolution 16-09 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 16-10 Destruction of Audio Recording of Closed Sessions



​Resolution 17-01 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 17-02 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

​Resolution 17-03 MFT fund for Maintenance

Resolution 17-04 Induce Development of Biofuels Production Facility

Resolution 17-05 Induce Development of ALCO building for Tractor Supply Company

Resolution 17-06 Homecoming Parade 2017

Resolution 17-07  Fall Festival Parade 2017

​Resolution 17-08 Resolution of Funding Support for 2016 ITEP Grant Project

Resolution 17-09 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 17-10 Destruction of Audio Recording of Closed Sessions

Resolution 17-11 City Clerk IMRF qualification

Resolution 17-12 In Support of Illinois Bicentennial Celebrations

Resolution 17-13 Council Resolution of Support for CDBG Grant Program

Resolution 17-14 Committing Local Funds for CDBG 

Resolution 17-15 Approving the "2017-2019 Local Administrative Policy  and Procedures Manual

Our Resolutions & Ordinances


Also In This Section...


Ordinance 16-01 Prevailing Wage

Ordinance 16-02 Amend Section 38-1-25 Water Leak Adjustment

Ordinance 16-03 Annual Appropriations

Ordinance 16-04 Amend Section 1-1-25 Payment of City fines, Utilities and other charges

Ordinance 16-05 Approving Valerie B. Burnell Annexation Agreement 

Ordinance 16-06 Amend Section 21-2-7 (C) of Newton City Code

Ordinance 16-07 Fireworks Amend Section 7-10-1 through 7-10-9 of Article X

Ordinance 16-08 City Ordinance Amend Article III - Elected Officials Salaries

Ordinance 16-09 City Ordinance Section 1-2-66 - City Clerk - Elected

Ordinance 16-10 Annual Tax Levy

Ordinance 16-11 Amend Zoning Map 

Ordinance 16-12 Regarding travel, meal and lodging  expenses

​Ordinance 16-13 Authorizing a referendum on primary elections


​Ordinance 17-01  City Ordinance Amend Section 25 Article II-Weeds

Ordinance 17-02  Amending the TIF Ordinance  

Ordinance 17-03Amend the Article XV - Cannabis to Chapter 27

Ordinance 17-04 Amend Section 9-1-1 of Chapter 9 (fees for grave openings)

Ordinance 17-05 Prevailing Wage (July 10, 17 updates)

Ordinance 17-06 Amending Section 12-1-37 of Newton City Code 

Ordinance 17-07 Appropriations 2017-18

Ordinance 17-08 City Ordinance Amend Section 24-9-2 -Golf Carts

Ordinance 17-09 Annual Tax Levy-draft

Ordinance 17-10 Approving Membership in IMLRMA and Authorizing the Execution of the        Intergovernmental Cooperation Contract 

​Ordinance 17-11 Amend Chapter 22, Article VIII - Mandated Sexual Harassment Policy DRAFT

The City of Newton Council acts upon resolutions and ordinances when necessary. Ordinances are then codified yearly. The difference between the two are that an ordinance is a law made by the municipality and a resolution is passed to provide written documentation of a municipality's opinion, will or intent and is often limited in duration.

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Council Meeting Schedule

Regularly scheduled Newton City Council meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The City Council meetings and committee meetings are held at City Hall located at 108 N. Van Buren in Newton. 

Meeting dates for 2018:

Jan. 2 and 16
Feb. 6 and 20
March 6 and 20
April 3 and 17
May 1 and 15
June 5 and 19
July 3 and 17
Aug. 7 and 21
Sept. 4 and 18
Oct. 2 and 16
Nov. 6 and 20
Dec. 4 and 18

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