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Jasper County
City of Newton, Illinois
108 N. Van Buren
Newton, IL 62448
Phone: 618.783.8451
Fax: 618.783.8047
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In our community, we invite you to catch the spirit, live the dream! Whether your dream is to enjoy the security of a small town atmosphere, or take advantage of the business incentives offered in our area, Newton is the place for you!
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NEW!  community garden...sponsored by City of Newton, Jasper Co. Master Gardeners and Jasper Co. Steering Committee.       Registration packet available at City Hall, 108 N. Van Buren.  618-783-8452


LANDSCAPE WASTE COLLECTION SITE:  Open the first and third Saturdays, April through November, from 8 AM to noon.  Site is for residents of Newton commercial dumping.  Site is for grass/leaves, small limbs and other yard/garden waste.  Bags must be emptied and taken back home.  No painted wood, paper products, plastics, cardboard, etc.  No root wads accepted.




beautiful lots for sale!

for more information go to...

The city of Newton has recently completed the infrastructure for a new single-family subdivision known as the FIVE APRILS CROSSING SUBDIVISION. Lots range in size from 0.37 acres to 0.59 acres. It has been built in accordance with the City's subdivision code and includes concrete streets with curbs and gutters and all underground utilities serving each lot.  

Incentives available!





Home purchase price                           $179,500
Completion/closing date                         3-13-13
Amt. financed w/10% downpayment
Annual interest @ 3.5%                        $   5,654
Annual taxes @ .0866241/rate              $   5,131

                                             Purchase Comparison
Real estate taxes     Payable   New home   Existing home
for year...
2013 (prorated)        8-15-14      $    97*          $3,848
2014                       8-15-15       5,131             5,131
2015                       8-15-16       5,131             5,131
2016                       8-15-17       5,131             5,131
2017                       8-15-18       5,131             5,131
2018                       8-15-19       5,131             5,131

Interest credits
for period                 Payable
3-31-13 - 12-31-13   8-15-14              -0-            ---
1-1-14 - 12-31-14     8-15-15        <$1,696>**     ---
1-1-15 - 12-31-15     8-15-16        <$1,696>       ---
1-1-16 - 12-31-16     8-15-17        <$1,696>       ---
1-1-17 - 12-31-17     8-15-18        <$1,696>       ---
1-1-18 - 12-31-18     8-15-19        <$1,696>       ---

TOTAL COST                         $17,272.00   $29,503.00
...SAVINGS...                         $12,231.00

*Full assessed valuation effective 1-1-14 - 2013 tax rate based on lot value only.
**Interested credit will be paid with submission of 1098 form and after payment of taxes

 * * * * *

Newton is located a short drive from two major interstates and several airports accommodating small planes as well as commuter flights. Locally, state routes 33 and 130 are both class two truck routes and rail services are provided by both the Indiana Railroad and Illinois Central Railroad.

Friendly neighborhoods and a progressive school system make you feel at home right away, and there is always something to occupy your time. Hunting lodges, two parks (including an aquatic center and skate park) and a drive-in are just some of our recreation options.

If you are thinking of making Newton your home or the home of your business, or if you are just passing through, we hope you enjoy our mix of small town ideals and big city ambition!

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