2023 resolutions

Resolution 23-01 Support for a State of Illinois Community Block Grant (watermains replaced)

Resolution 23-02 Resolution for Improvement Under the Illinois Highway Code

Resolution 23-03 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 23-04 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

Resolution 23-05 MFT Signed Resolution for Maintenance Supplemental

Resolution 23-06 MFT Signed Resolution for Maintenance

Resolution 23-07 Homecoming Parade 2023

Resolution 23-08 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 23-09 Authorize the Destruction of Audio Recordings of Closed Session

Resolution 23-10 Fall Festival Parade

Resolution 23-11 Resolution Committing Local Funds for Safe Route to Schools Grant

Resolution 23-11B Resolution of Support for Safe Route to Schools Grant

Resolution 23-12 Resolution of Support for a State of Illinois Community Block Grant​

2022 resolutions

Resolution 22-01 SERVICE CONTRACT - UPDATE with Illinois Codification

Resolution 22-02 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 22-03 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

Resolution 22-04 MFT Street Maintenance Program 

Resolution 22-05 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 22-06 Authorize the Destruction of audio Recordings of Closed Session

​Resolution 22-07 Fall Festival Parade 2022 

Resolution 22-08 Homecoming Parade 2022 

​​2021 Resolutions

Resolution 21-01 ​​Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 21-02 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

Resolution 21-03 Resolution Regarding Financing of Griffith Real Estate Purchase

Resolution 21-04 TIF Feasibility and Inducement Resolution

Resolution 21-05  MFT General Maintenance Fund

Resolution 21-06 TIF Amendment-Establishing Time and Place for a Public Hearing

Resolution 21-07 Adopt Updated Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 21-08 2021 Fall Festival Parade

Resolution 21-09 Closed Session Minutes

Resolution 21-10 Authorize the Destruction of audio Recordings of Closed Session

Resolution 21-11 2021 Homecoming Parade Permit


Resolution 20-01 Closed Session Minutes
Resolution 20-02 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

Resolution 20-03 Intergovernmental Agreement 911, Sheriff and Police Radios

Resolution 20-04  MFT General Maintenance Fund 


​Resolution 20-06 Amendment to Fiscal Year 2020 2021 budget

Resolution 20-07 Closed Session Minutes
Resolution 20-08 Authorize the Destruction of the Audio Recordings of Closed Sessions

Resolution 20-09 WWT Resolution to refinance PSB loan 2020

Resolution 20-10 Resolution To Defray City Obligations in the Health Insurance Plan



Our Resolutions & Ordinances


Also In This Section...



Ordinance 20-01 Amend Sch B - one way street  (Decatur Street)

Ordinance 20-02 Amending the 21-2-7 Class E liquor licenses (add 2 more)

Ordinance 20-03 Amend Chapter 38 -1-14- Connection Permit Fees 

Ordinance 20-04  Amend Chapter 38 -1-7-  Multiple Unit Rate

​Ordinance 20-05 Amend Chapter 11 -1-1  Electric rate 

Ordinance 20-06 Amend Chapter 11 -2-1 Para. A-2 - incentive on rates

Ordinance 20-07 Republic Service Chapter 17 

Ordinance 20-08 Amend  Chapter 21 - Liquor Entertainment & Event Venue and Licenses

Ordinance 20-09 Annexation Agreement with Micheal and Sandy Birch

Ordinance 20-10 Appropriations Ordinance 2020-2021

Ordinance 20-11 Annexation Agreement with Barbara D. Martin and Judith Zumbahlen 

Ordinance 20-12 Amend Chapter 12-1-16 - Holiday pay (4 hours) New Years Eve

Ordinance 20-13 Approving Local CURE Program Financial Support

Ordinance 20-14 Amend Salaries for Elected Officials

Ordinance 20-15 Amend Section 22 - Sexual Harassment

Ordinance 20-16 TAX LEVY 2020-2021

Ordinance 20-17 Amend Zoning Map-JCCUD #1, 1401 Clayton Ave.


Ordinance 21-01 City Ordinance Approving Annexation Tony Haney

Ordinance 21-02 City Ordinance Authorizing Interfund Loan_re_Griffith Real Estate Purchase

Ordinance 21-03 City Ordinance Amending Schedule B to Section 24-3-2 One-Way Streets

Ordinance 21-04 City Ordinance Amend Chapter 21 Article II - Liquor Licenses

Ordinance 21-05 Amend rule and order of city council meetings 

Ordinance 21-06 Amend  Chapter 21 Article II- Outside sales  

Ordinance 21-07 Authorize the Lease of Ground for farming proposes revised 

Ordinance 21-08 Appropriations Ordinance 2021-2022 

Ordinance 21-09 Amend  Chapter 25 - Nuisances - 25-1-3

Ordinance 21-10 Ordinance to sale of real estate by sealed bid (Elda Leonard)

Ordinance 21-11 Amend  Chapter 7 Article VII- tattoo fees

Ordinance 21-12 Coronavirus recovery

Ordinance 21-13 Sale of Real Estate by sealed bid in the Five Aprils Outlot (D. Huddlestun)

Ordinance 21-14 Tax Levy 2021-2022


Ordinance 22-01 Amending the Zoning Map CCI to Silk Purse

​Ordinance 22-02  Amending the Zoning Map Dr. Wolf (current office) to Family Life Center

Ordinance 22-03 Amend Chapter 38 -1-14- Connection Permit Fees

Ordinance 22-04 Adopt 2015 International Property Maintenance Code

Ordinance 22-05 Ordinance authorizing City purchase of new real estate - Indiana Railroad 

​Ordinance 22-06 Selling Real Estate (Five Aprils Crossing )Lot 20 to Maxine Calvert waiting to record

Ordinance 22-07 Amend Section 33-4-4 Street Application and Street Cutting 

Ordinance 22-08 City Ordinance Adding No Parking Zone - Scott Avenue 

Ordinance 22-09 Establishment of New Net Metering Policy with Exhibits

Ordinance 22-10 Amend Section 24-9-3 -Permits  -Golf Carts

Ordinance 22-11 Amend  Chapter 21 Article II liquor license Class B

Ordinance 22-12 Amend  Chapter 21 Article II liquor license  fees 

Ordinance 22-13 Chapter 6 - Building Regulations Repeal Sec. 6-1-1 through 6-1-3 and adopt 2015 International Residential Code

Ordinance 22-14  Appropriations Ordinance 2022-2023

Ordinance 22-15 Dept Head extra pay to attend meetings

Ordinance 22-16 Selling Real Estate (Five Aprils Crossing) Lot 10 to Joseph & Janet Sievers

Ordinance 22-17 TAX LEVY 2022-2023


Ordinance 23-01 To Annex Josh Kuhl Property at 1407 W. Jourdan

Ordinance 23-02 Ordinance Selling Real Estate (Five Aprils Crossing )Lot 12, Samanas 

Ordinance 23-03 Revise the Codebook 2023 

Ordinance 23-04A Vacating an Alley - Wade Fire Protection alley between buildings2

Ordinance 23-04B  Approving Annexation Scanlan Property

Ordinance 23-05 Amend Chapter 11 -1-1  Electric Rates

Ordinance 23-06 Sale of Real Estate (Five Aprils Crossing )Lot 17 to Donna Connor 

Ordinance 23-07 Demolition Reimbursement of Dangerous and Dilapidated Buildings 

Ordinance 23-08 Condemn an Unsafe and Dangerous Building at 702 Foster St. Newton, Illinois

Ordinance 23-09 Condemn an Unsafe and Dangerous Building at 200 N. Goble St. Newton, IL

​Ordinance 23-10 To Convey & Reconveyance of Lots 10 & 12 Real Estate in Five Aprils Crossing

Ordinance 23-11 To Amend Chapter 38-1-4 Wastewater Treatment Rates

Ordinance 23-12 Ordinance for Appropriations 2023-2024 Fiscal Year

Ordinance 23-13 Modify Ordinance No. 23-10 

Ordinance 23-14 Amending the Zoning Map

Ordinance 22-XX TIF 1 Amendment Ordinance (TABLED) 

Ordinance 23-15 Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 Building Regulations Fees

Ordinance 23-16 Annual Tax Levy Ordinance 2023-2024

Ordinance 23-17 Amend Pay Schedule for the Electric Department Head 

Ordinance 23-18 City Ordinance Regarding Illinois Paid Leave For All Workers


Ordinance 24-01 Approving Amendment to Maximum Setback Zones to Water Wells 

Ordinance 24-02  Amend Pay Schedule for the Billing Clerk Department Head

The City of Newton Council acts upon resolutions and ordinances when necessary. Ordinances are then codified yearly. The difference between the two are that an ordinance is a law made by the municipality and a resolution is passed to provide written documentation of a municipality's opinion, will or intent and is often limited in duration.

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Council Meeting Schedule

Regularly scheduled Newton City Council meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The City Council meetings and committee meetings are held at City Hall located at 108 N. Van Buren in Newton. 

Meeting dates for 2024:

Jan. 2 and 16
Feb. 6 and 20
March 5 and 19
April 2 and 16
May 7 and 21
June 4 and 18
July 2 and 16
Aug. 6 and 20
Sept. 3 and 17
Oct. 1 and 15
Nov. 5 and 19
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