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Police enforcement officer

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Department Contacts


(618) 783-8477 

Electric Department: (618) 783-3139

Fire Department: (618) 783-3887

Parks/Cemetery Department:

Cemetery - (618) 783-2173

Batting Cages/Mini-Golf/Aquatic Center  

(618) 783-8080

Police Department: (618) 783-8478

Streets Department: (618) 783-8511

WasteWater Department: (618) 783-2715

Water Department: (618) 783-2711

Fire Department

(618) 783-3887
Wade Fire Protection District is located at 104 N. First Street and is an all-volunteer fire department made up of approximately 30 members. The district encompasses approximately 84 miles of town and rural area for protection.

Fire Department personnel:

Gary Lindemann, Chief
Bruce Benefiel, Assistant Chief

Police department

(618) 783-8478

The City of Newton Police Department is located inside City Hall and office hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ten officers and a secretary make up the City of Newton Police Department and it maintains 24-hour emergency service. Visit the Newton Police Department on Facebook by clicking here.

Police Department personnel:

Riley Britton, Chief

Jeremy Haycraft, Sergeant

Greg Coker, Corporal

Jim Riddle, Full-time Officer

Adam Deckard, Full-time Officer

Sarah Carter, Full-time Officer

Adam Bridges, Full-time Officer

Brian Cox, Part-time Officer

Payton Yates, Part-time Officer

Trevor Honomichl, Part-time Officer

Sandy Dhom, Secretary

The City of Newton provides quality services to its residents through its several departments. The safety of residents and visitors is top priority in this community.

Our Public Safety Departments


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