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 Rental Housing

BM Enterprise

209 W Washington Street

Newton, IL  62448

(618) 783-3524

Jasper Housing

102 S. 1st Avenue
Newton, IL  62448
(618) 455-3018
Triple B Rentals 
300 S. Van Buren Street
Newton, IL  62448
Magnolia Properties
300 South Side Court
Newton, IL  62448
(866) 773-9043
Tri-My Apartments
908 S. Van Buren Street
Newton, IL  62448
(618) 783-2984
Shupe Street Apartments

908 Shup St. 

Newton, IL 62448

(773) 340-3707

Senior Living Complex

201 Eaton Ave. 

Newton, IL 62448

(309) 554-3095

local realtors

Jasper County Realty 

201 N. Van Buren St.

Newton, IL  62448

(618) 783-5272

Personal Service Realty

209 W. Washington St.

Newton, IL  62448

(618) 783-3524

Parrott Real Estate & Auction

101 S. Jackson St.

Newton, IL 62448


The welcoming neighborhoods in Newton provide residents a sense of security similar to the days when doors were left unlocked. Newton maintains a low crime rate and residents say they feel safe. A fully-staffed and experienced city police force keeps residents' safety as their number one priority. Click here for several reasons why you should live in Newton.

Housing options in the area range from apartments to large homes, all with extremely affordable pricing.

Five Aprils Crossing Subdivision

The City of Newton has completed the infrastructure for a new single-family subdivision known as the FIVE APRILS CROSSING SUBDIVISION. Lots range in size from 0.37 acres to 0.59 acres. It has been built in accordance with the City's subdivision code and includes concrete streets with curbs and gutters and all underground utilities serving each lot. 

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