utility service forms

All new utility customers must pay a service deposit of $350 to $500 as advance security for the payment of charges for services furnished. This deposit amount will be based on the credit score of the applicant.

Utilities Services Information/Application

The City has a Utility Budget Plan that allows customers to pay a set monthly payment. The monthly budget amount for equalized payments is calculated by averaging twelve months of past billing. The amount calculated assumes the usage will be similar to the previous months' consumption. If the usage varies significantly, the budget amount will be adjusted.

Budget Plan Information/Application

Customers can elect to have payments for utilities automatically withdrawn from their checking accounts each month on the 10th of each month. To utilize this service, complete the form below and deliver to City Hall.

Automatic Withdrawals Information

Automatic Withdrawals Authorization Form

Zoning Forms

The City must insure that all building usage is in compliance with the current City Zoning Ordinance. To view the current zoning map,click here. The Zoning Code can be accessed here.

When a building permit is obtained through the City, the requester must also complete an Application of Zoning Compliance and submit to the Zoning Administrator. The plans for improvements must be approved by the Zoning Administrator before construction can begin. There are two different applications. Be sure to choose the correct one, complete, and submit to City Hall.

Business Application of Zoning Compliance

Non-Business Application of Zoning Compliance

If you are needing a variance in the zoning code for your property or several properties or would like to apply for a Special Use Permit, utilize the forms and instructions below:

Area/Bulk Variance Application

Request for Zoning Amendment Application

Application for Special Use Permit

If you would like to report a complaint on a potential violation of the City Zoning Code or file for a Certificate of Non-Conformance, utilize the forms and instructions below:

Violation of Zoning Code Complaint Form

Application for Certificate of Non-Conformance


Persons wishing to peddle or solicit within the City of Newton are required to fill out the appropriate paperwork and applications prior to any activity. You can stop by City Hall during regular business hours to acquire the necessary forms and applications. All applicants are subject to police and other background checks prior to granting any applications.
Application Form:


Our mission to be a city of and for


 We welcome residents, business, and visitors into our community with open arms.

We strive to be a great place to live, work and worship.

 With approximately 22,000 vehicles passing through daily, we hope to give reason for more of them to stop and enjoy everything we have to offer.

 We are a city for positive change.

 Catch the Spirit! Live the Dream!

Mission Statement

Forms and Applications

building & demolition permits

Building Permit Applications (New Construction)

Building Permit Small Projects

Demo Permit Applications (Demo Permits-good for 30 days) 



Fence Permit Application 

Sign Installation Permit

Notice of Intent to Roof 

Notice of Intent to Dig (Buffer Zone Only)

A building permit is required for all new construction. Permits are also required for additions, rehabilitation, renovation, demolition or repairs that will alter the structure or the means of egress. This also includes Residential and Commercial accessory structures, such as garages, tool sheds and swimming pools. Permits are also required for one and two family dwellings, multi-family residential, commercial and industrial buildings and signs. Building improvements or construction must be done in compliance with the City's Building Codes.

Commercial building permits will require architectural stamped and sealed drawings.


Single family dwelling: $25
Commercial:  $25      
Multi-family dwelling:  $25      
Attached garage:  $25     
Accessory structure >100 sq. ft.:  $25     
Accessory structure <100 sq. ft.:   $25     
Electric service upgrade:  $25     
Mechanical service upgrade:   $25     
Reroofing and changing the structural integrity: $25     
Reroofing, NOT changing the structural integrity (complete a
Notice of Intent no chargeCarport:  $25      
Deck or porch  $25
Driveways and fences:   $25

Ramp, Sidewalk, Sign: no charge (signs need a Zoning Permit)     
Other: Contact City Hall  618-783-8451         

DEMOLITION:  no charge

Looking for specific maps or forms regarding the Enterprise Zone, TIF District, utility connections, zoning changes or building permits? You are in the right place! Click on the name of the specific form, map or application you are needing below and you will be redirected to that document. Once loaded, you can save or print. Once printed, fill out the information required and deliver or mail document to the appropriate recipient. 

All documents are viewable with Acrobat Reader from Adobe. If you don't have the latest version of Reader, click here to download it now.

Jasper County Health Dept.

Visit to learn more about the services offered by the Health Department along with upcoming events.

Chamber of Commerce

Visit to find out more about current businesses and service offerings along with community events.

Jasper County

 Visit to find out more about Jasper County, Illinois.

 local Resources

City Employment

Below you will find downloadable employment applications from the City of Newton. These applications can be downloaded and printed. Once printed, fill out the information required and deliver or mail the document to the appropriate recipient.  

Local residency is a condition for employment.  An employee shall become a local resident within six (6) months after being hired, and shall remain a local resident while employed by the City.  Violation of this policy shall result in termination of employment.

Local residency shall be defined as residing in an area within a nine (9) mile radius from the center of the Courthouse Square in the City of Newton, Jasper County, Illinois.

Employment Application (If under 16, a work permit is required)

All persons operating a golf cart or neighborhood vehicle on the designated streets of the City of Newton must comply with these requirements.  A permit application must be obtained at the police department.

Live the Dream!

Catch the Spirit...

economic development Forms

The City of Newton and Jasper County have local incentives available to new or expanding businesses and industries located in specified areas within the community. Contact Melissa Brooks for questions or additional information on requirements at (618) 783-8452. 

City of Newton/Jasper County Enterprise Zone

The specific Enterprise Zone sites have tremendous financial incentives for a developing business.  Depending on the businesses SIC code the property taxes and the state sales tax can be abated.

The process is quick and easy.  A one page application completed by the business can sometimes be approved on the spot.
Click here to see the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone.

Enterprise Zone Benefits

Newton Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District

The TIF was established in 2008 and is a valuable economic development tool. The TIF complies with state code. Additional information on TIF can be found at the TIF Association website. TIF benefits can be utilized by those located within the designated TIF District. Click here to see the limits of the TIF.

(TIF Assistance Application (UPDATED 9/2023)