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Department Contacts


(618) 783-8477

Electric Department: (618) 783-3139

Fire Department: (618) 783-3887

Parks/Cemetery Department:

Cemetery - (618) 783-2173

Batting Cages/Mini-Golf/Aquatic Center  

(618) 783-8080

Police Department: (618) 783-8478

Streets Department: (618) 783-8511

WasteWater Department: (618) 783-2715

Water Department: (618) 783-2711

City of Newton utility service information

If you are a new customer wishing to obtain electric, water and wastewater services through the City of Newton, please contact the City Collector at (618) 783-8451. You can download the necessary information and forms for utility services, automatic payments and budget plans from the Forms & Applications page. A deposit for utilities is required and is determined based on your credit rating before utilities are connected.

The City of Newton provides quality services to its residents through its several departments. The City of Newton owns its own electric, water, and wastewater systems. Natural gas is provided by AmerenCIPS. Telecommunications providers and trash services can also be obtained through providers found on the Contracted Services page.

Our City Departments & Services


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